The important thing to remember for headshots is that the clue’s in the name: headshot. It’s all about your face. We need to not be too distracted by what you’re wearing (or not wearing). Think about how you want to present yourself to casting agents or producers. Who are you? Is there anything you’re currently going up for? Bring the appropriate clothing for your current projects. For example, if you’re hoping to go up for a part in Harry Potter & The Cursed Child, maybe a very low cut top or multiple piercings aren’t necessarily the way to go…



Good universal colors that work well on most people are grays, blues, teal and maroon. 

Choose colors that suit your complexion/skin tone:

  • Bring at least 6 changes of outfit (do remember we’re only shooting your top half)
  • Bring more outfits than you think you’ll need – more is more!
  • Avoid really bright or neon colors unless you know your skin tone can take it!
  • Avoid any clothing that’s heavy, chunky or too obviously seasonal.
  • Black is always a good idea, but do bring colors as well!
  • Bring layers! Jackets, cardigans, sweaters and shirts for dimension.
What should I do about make-up?
Please don’t turn up with too much make-up on…

Light make-up will be applied when you arrive by my in-house make-up artist. 
We allow 30-40 minutes for it, this is in addition to your 90 minutes we’ll spend in front of the camera.

Make-up for women is $175 and for men $125
What should I do about my hair?
We can make some quick changes/tweaks to your hair at your session, but please come with your hair audition-ready. 
If you want to do something elaborate (wigs, extensions etc) just let me know so that we can factor it into our season.
Light hair is included in the above make-up fee